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About Your Rearview Camera

Models without navigation system

The audio/information screen can display your vehicle’s rear view. The display automatically changes to a rear view when the shift lever is moved to Rearview Camera Display Area .

Rearview Camera Display Area

About Your Rearview Camera

About Your Rearview Camera

The rear camera view is restricted. You cannot see the corner ends of the bumper or what is underneath the bumper. Its unique lens also makes objects appear closer or farther than they actually are. Visually confirm that it is safe to drive before backing up. Certain conditions (such as weather, lighting, and high temperatures) may also restrict the rear view. Do not rely on the rearview display which does not give you all information about conditions at the back of your vehicle. To turn the guide lines on or off, press and hold the RETURN button for about three seconds. If you turn the guide lines off, they remain off until you turn them back on.

Rotate of the rearview camera.  to adjust the brightness of the rearview camera.

If the camera lens is covered with dirt or moisture, use a soft, moist cloth to keep the lens clean and free of debris.

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