Honda Crosstour / Honda Crosstour 2010-2019 Owner's Manual / Features

This chapter describes how to operate technology features.

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If the Charging System Indicator Comes On
Reasons for the indicator to come on Comes on when the battery is not being charged. What to do when the indicator comes on Turn off the climate control system, rear defogger, and other electrica ...

HFL Menus
The ignition switch must be in ACCESSORY   or ON to use HFL. or   HFL Menus To use HFL, you must first pair your Bluetoothcompatible cell phone to the system while the vehic ...

Fuel Information
Fuel recommendation Unleaded gasoline, pump octane number 87 or higher Use of lower octane gasoline can cause a persistent, heavy metallic knocking noise that can lead to engine damage. Top tier d ...