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Light Control Switches

Wipers and Washers

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    Changing the Rear Wiper Blade Rubber
    1. Raise the wiper arm off. 2. Pry on the edge of the lock tab using a flattip screwdriver to push it up. - Wrap the flat-tip screwdriver with a cloth to prevent scratches. 3. Slide the wip ...

    Rear Seats
    ■Folding Down the Rear Seats Separately fold down the left and right halves of the rear seat to make room for cargo. ■ To fold down the seat 1. Lower the rear head restraint to its l ...

    Towing Preparation
    ■Towing Load Limits Your vehicle can tow a trailer if you carefully observe the load limits, use the proper equipment, and follow the towing guidelines. Check the load limits before drivin ...