XM® Radio Service

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■Subscribing to XM® Radio

1. You need your radio ID ready before registering for subscription. To see the ID in the display: Turn the MENU/SEL (Selector) knob or the interface dial until 0 appears.
2. Have your radio ID and credit card number ready, and either call or visit the XM® website to subscribe.

Contact Information for XM® Radio:

US: XM® Radio at www.siriusxm.com or (800) 852- 9696 Canada: XM® Canada at www.xmradio.ca, or (877) 209-0079

■Receiving XM® Radio

Switch to the XM® mode by pressing the SOURCE button repeatedly or operating the audio with touch screen, and stay in this mode for about 30 minutes until the service is activated. Make sure your vehicle is in an open area with good reception.

The XM® satellites are in orbit over the equator; therefore, objects south of the vehicle may cause satellite reception interruptions. Satellite signals are more likely to be blocked by tall buildings and mountains the farther north you travel from the equator.

You may experience reception problems under the following circumstances:

• In a location with an obstruction to the south of your vehicle.
• In tunnels
• On the lower level of a multi-tiered road
• Large items carried on the roof rack

■XM® Radio Display Messages

XM® is loading the audio or program information.

Ch off air:
The channel is not currently broadcasting.

Ch unauthorized:
XM® radio is receiving information update from the network.

No signal:
The signal is too weak in the current location.

Ch unavailable:
No such channel exists, the channel is not part of your subscription, or the artist or title information is unavailable.

Check antenna:
There is a problem with the XM® antenna. Contact a dealer.

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