If the EPS System Indicator Comes On

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6-cylinder models

6-cylinder models

■ Reasons for the indicator to come on
• Comes on when there is a problem with EPS system.
• If you depress the accelerator pedal repeatedly to increase the engine speed while the engine is idling, the indicator comes on, and sometimes the steering wheel becomes harder to operate.

■ What to do when the indicator comes on
Stop the vehicle in a safe place and restart the engine.

If the indicator comes on and stays on, immediately have your vehicle inspected by a dealer.


If you repeatedly turn the steering wheel at an extremely low speed, or hold the steering wheel on the full left or right position for a while, the system heats up. The system goes into a protective mode, and limits its performance. The steering wheel becomes harder and harder to operate. Once the system cools down, EPS is restored. Repeated operation under these conditions can eventually damage the system.

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