Opening/Closing the Glass Hatch

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The glass hatch can be operated by pressing the glass hatch release button* on the remote transmitter, pressing the glass hatch release button on the driver's door, or pressing the button on the tailgate.

Opening the glass hatch

Open the glass hatch all the way.

If it is not fully opened, the glass hatch may come down accidentally by its own weight.

Be careful when it is windy. The wind may cause the glass hatch to close.

Closing the glass hatch

To close the glass hatch, lower it and press on the handle until it latches.

Keep the glass hatch closed while driving to:

Avoid possible damage.

Prevent exhaust gas from leaking into the vehicle.

Opening/Closing the Glass Hatch

The rear wiper does not operate with the glass hatch open.

Remote Transmitter

Press the glass hatch release button for more than one second to operate.

Glass Hatch Release Button

Glass Hatch Release Button

To open the glass hatch, press the glass hatch release button in the driver' s door or press the button on the tailgate for about one second.

The beeper sounds and some exterior lights flash.

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