Driving Safely with a Trailer

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Things You Need To Know Before Towing a Trailer

Have the trailer properly serviced and keep it in good condition.

Make sure that all the weights and load in the vehicle and trailer are within limits.

When towing more than 3,500lbs (1,590 kg), use of gasoline with a pump octane number of 91 or higher is recommended.

 - Towing performance can be affected by high altitude, high temperature, or steep uphill.

Securely attach the hitch, safety chains, and other necessary parts to the trailer.

Securely store all the items in and on the trailer so that they do not shift while driving.

Check if the lights and brakes on the trailer are working properly.

Check the pressures of the trailer tires, including the spare.

Towing Speeds and Gears

Drive slower than normal.

Obey posted speed limits for vehicles with trailers.

Use the trailer on level roads. position when towing a trailer on level roads.

Turning and Braking

Turn more slowly and with a wider turning arc than normal.

Allow more time and distance for braking.

Do not brake or turn suddenly.

Driving Safely with a Trailer


In addition to the normal precautions, place wheel chocks at each of the trailer's tires.

Driving in Hilly Terrain

Monitor your temperature gauge. If it nears the red (Hot) mark, turn off the climate control system and reduce speed. Pull to the side of the road safely to cool down the engine if necessary.

Shift to the shifts frequently. position if the transmission shifts frequently.

Retrieving a Boat

If the tires slip when retrieving a boat from the water, shift to lock. Disengage VTM-, and turn on VTM- lock as soon as the boat is out of lock. Disengage VTM- the water to prevent damage to the VTM- lock as soon as the boat is out of the water to prevent damage to the VTM- Towing Your Vehiclesystem.

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