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Models without navigation system

Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® (HFL) allows you to place and receive phone calls using your vehicle’s audio system, without handling your cell phone.

To use HFL, you need a Bluetooth-compatible cell phone. For a list of compatible phones, pairing procedures, and special feature capabilities:

• U.S.: Visit, or call (888) 528-7876.
• Canada: Visit, or call (888) 528-7876.

Voice control tips
• Adjust or close the vents and all windows, as noise coming from them may interfere with the microphone.
• Press and release the before giving a button before giving a command. Speak clearly and naturally after a beep.
• If the microphone picks up voices other than yours, the command may be misinterpreted.
• A command that consists of several words can be spoken together. For example, say “Call 123-456- 7890” at once.
• To change the volume level, use the audio system’s volume knob or the remote audio controls on the steering wheel.

State or local laws may prohibit the operation of handheld electronic devices while operating a vehicle.

Models without touch screen

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