USB Adapter Cable

Honda Pilot / Honda Pilot 2009-2023 Owner's Manual / Features / Audio System / USB Adapter Cable

 1. Unclip the USB connector and loosen the adapter cable.

2. Install the iPod® dock connector or the USB flash drive to the USB connector.

USB Adapter Cable

USB Adapter Cable

Do not leave the iPod® or USB flash drive in the vehicle. Direct sunlight and high temperatures may damage it.

Do not use an extension cable with the USB adapter cable.

Do not connect the iPod® or USB flash drive using a hub.

Do not use a device such as a card reader or hard disk drive, as the device or your files may be damaged.

We recommend backing up your data before using the device in your vehicle.

Displayed messages may vary depending on the device model and software version.

If the audio system does not recognize the iPod®, try reconnecting it a few times or reboot the device. To reboot, follow the manufacturer's instructions provided with the iPod® or visit ipod.

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