Audio Remote Controls

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Allows you to operate the audio system while driving.

MODE Button

MODE Button

Cycles through the audio modes as follows:


VOL Button

Press Press  : Decreases the volume. : Increases the volume.

Press CH Button : Decreases the volume.

CH Button

When listening to the radio

Press radio station.: Selects the next preset radio station.

Press preset radio station. Press and hold: Selects the previous preset radio station. Press and hold Press and hold : Selects the: Selects the next strong station. Press and hold previous strong station.: Selects the previous strong station.

When listening to a CD, HDD, iPod® or USB flash drive

Press song. Press  : Goes back to the : Skips to the next song. Press beginning of the current or previous song. : Goes back to the beginning of the current or previous song.

When listening to a CD or HDD

Press and hold the next folder/album. Press and hold  : Skips to the next folder/album. Press and hold  Audio Remote Controls: Goes back to the previous folder/album.

Audio Remote Controls

The CD mode appears only when a CD is loaded.

When in AUX mode, the following are operable from the remote controls:

iPod®/USB flash drive connected to the USB adapter cable

Bluetooth® Audio (with some phones only)

Adjusting the Sound

Press the AUDIO button, and move to select Sound Setup, then press to select AUDIO MENU. Rotate . Rotate to select Sound Setup, then press   to scroll through the following . Rotate choices:  to scroll through the following choices:



Dolby ProLogic II

Speed-sensitive Volume Compensation

Adjusting the Sound

The SVC has four modes: OFF, LOW, MID, and HIGH. SVC adjusts the volume level based on the vehicle speed. As you go faster, audio volume increases. As you slow down, audio volume decreases.

Dolby PL II signal processing creates multi-channel surround sound from 2-channel stereo audio sources. Dolby ProLogic II is available only in DISC (CD-DA, MP3, WMA, AAC), XMr Radio, AUX (USB, iPodr, AUX, Bluetoothr Audio), and HDD modes.

Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, ProLogic, MLP Lossless, and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

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