Playing the XM® Radio

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To Play the XM® Radio

To Play the XM® Radio

1. Press the 2.Press the AUDIO button, move   button.

2.Press the AUDIO button, move to select AUDIO MENU.  to select AUDIO MENU.

3.Rotate . to select Mode. Press 4. Rotate  to select CH (channel .

4. Rotate mode) or CAT (category mode). Press to select CH (channel mode) or CAT (category mode). Press . .

5. Select a channel using the TUNE ( buttons.  ), SKIP, CATEGORY, SCAN, or Preset buttons.

To Select a Channel from a List

1. Press the AUDIO button, move

1. Press the AUDIO button, move 2. Rotate  to select Channel List. to select AUDIO MENU.

2. Rotate Then press  . to select Channel List. Then press 3. Rotate   to select a channel, .

3. Rotate then press   .  to select a channel, then press Playing the XM® Radio  .

Playing the XM® Radio

In the channel mode, all available channels are selectable. In the category mode, you can select a channel within a category (Jazz, Rock, Classical, etc.). You can store 12 XM® stations in the preset buttons. XM1 and XM2 let you store 6 stations each. There may be instances when XM® Radio does not broadcast all the data fields (artist name, title). This does not indicate a problem with your audio system.

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