Important Safety Precautions

Honda Pilot / Honda Pilot 2009-2023 Owner's Manual / Driving / Off-Highway Driving Guidelines / Important Safety Precautions

To avoid loss of control or rollover, be sure to follow all precautions and recommendations:

Be sure to store cargo properly and do not exceed your cargo load limits.

Whenever you drive, make sure you and your passengers always wear seat belts.

Keep your speed low, and never go faster than the conditions allow.

It’s up to you to continually assess the situation and drive within the limits.

Off-Highway Driving Guidelines


Improperly operating this vehicle on or off pavement can cause a crash or rollover in which you and your passengers can be seriously injured or killed.
• Follow all instructions and guidelines in this owner’s manual.
• Keep your speed low, and don’t drive faster than conditions permit.

Failure to operate your vehicle correctly might result in a crash or a rollover.

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