Setting the Clock

Honda CR-V / Honda CR-V 2012-2023 Owner's Manual / Features / Setting the Clock

On models without navigation system

To set the time, press the CLOCK button until you hear a beep. The displayed time begins to blink.

Change the hours by pressing the H (hour) button until the numbers advance to the desired time. Change the minutes by pressing the M (minute) button until the numbers advance to the desired time.

Press the CLOCK button again to enter the set time.

You can quickly set the time to the nearest hour. If the displayed time is before the half hour, press and hold the CLOCK button, then press the R (reset) button to set the time back to the previous hour. If the displayed time is after the half hour, the same procedure sets the time forward to the beginning of the next hour.

For example:

For example:

1:06 will reset to 1:00
1:52 will reset to 2:00

On models with navigation system

The navigation system receives signals from the global positioning system (GPS), and the displayed time is updated automatically by the GPS. Refer to the navigation system manual for how to adjust the time.

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