Honda CR-V / Honda CR-V 2012-2023 Owner's Manual / Features

The heating and air conditioning system in your vehicle provides a comfortable driving environment in all weather conditions.

The standard audio system has many features. This section describes those features and how to use them.

Your vehicle has an anti-theft audio system that requires a code number to enable it.

The security system helps to discourage vandalism and theft of your vehicle.

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Front Turn Signal/Parking Light and Front Side Marker Light Bulbs
When replacing, use the following bulbs. Front Turn Signal/Parking Light: 28/8 W (Amber) Front Side Marker Light: 3CP 1. Turn the socket to the left and remove it. 2. Remove the old bulb and ins ...

Additional Information About Your Airbags
Airbag System Components Airbag System Components Your airbag system includes: Two SRS (supplemental restraint system) front airbags. The driver’s airbag is stored in the center of the stee ...