Driving Position Memory System

Honda Pilot / Honda Pilot 2009-2023 Owner's Manual / Controls / Operating the Switches Around the Steering Wheel / Driving Position Memory System

You can store two driver’s seat and door mirror positions with the driving position memory system.

When you unlock and open the driver’s door with a remote transmitter, the seat and door mirrors adjust automatically to one of the two preset positions.

The multi-information display shows you which remote transmitter you used to unlock the vehicle when you enter.

Driver 1 transmitter is linked to memory button 1.

Driver 2 transmitter is linked to memory button 2.

Driving Position Memory System

Driving Position Memory System

Using the multi-information display, you can disable the automatic seat adjustment function.

The customize setting is also stored by the Driver 1 and 2 transmitters. What setting is recalled next time depends on which transmitter you use to unlock and open the driver's door.

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