Audio System Theft Protection

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Models without navigation system

The audio system is disabled when it is disconnected from the power source, such as when the battery is disconnected or goes dead.

Reactivating the audio system

1.Turn the ignition switch to ON  If you turn the ignition switch to ACCESSORY  , and turn on the audio system.

If you turn the ignition switch to ACCESSORY  audio security code. See step 3. , you will be requested to enter the audio security code. See step 3.

Except LX models

2. Press and hold the power button again for more than two seconds.

The audio system is reactivated when the system’s control unit recognizes that the system is in your vehicle. If the control unit fails to recognize, ENTER CODE appears on the audio/ information screen.

3.Enter the audio security code using the preset buttons. If you enter an incorrect digit, continue to the last digit, then try again. If you do not enter the code correctly after 10 tries, leave the system for one hour before trying again, or visit a dealer to have the system reset.

Audio System Theft Protection

We recommend that you write down the serial number in this owner’s manual. You can find out about your serial number and security code from a dealer.

U.S. models

You can register the security code at Owner Link (, and find information on how to retrieve the serial number and obtain the code at

Models with navigation system

See the Navigation System Manual for details.

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