VTM (Variable Torque Management)-4r System

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Senses a traction loss caused by a road condition change, and automatically transfers some power to the rear wheels.

To Engage the VTM-4r LOCK

Use the VTM-4r LOCK to increase more torque to the rear wheels.

1. Stop your vehicle with the engine running.

2. Move the shift lever to , or , . , or 3. Press the VTM-4r LOCK button. .

3. Press the VTM-4r LOCK button.

 - The indicator in the button comes on.

To Disengage the VTM-4r LOCK

Any of the following disengages the VTM-4r LOCK:

Pressing the VTM-4r LOCK button again.

Moving the shift lever to . or Turning the ignition switch to the LOCK .

Turning the ignition switch to the LOCK VTM (Variable Torque Management)-4r System  position.

VTM (Variable Torque Management)-4r System


Do not continuously spin the front tires of your vehicle. Continuously spinning the front tires can cause transmission or rear differential damage.

1To Engage the VTM-4r LOCK

Do not use the VTM-4r LOCK button on dry, paved roads. Driving on dry, paved roads with VTM-4r LOCK on may damage the rear differential when making a turn. Strange noise and vibration can also result. The VTM-4r LOCK can be used to help free your vehicle from being stuck in mud, sand, or gravel. When the lock is engaged, apply light pressure to the accelerator pedal. When more torque is applied, the rear tires are not likely to spin. This is normal. If you are not able to free the vehicle, stop and reverse direction. As soon as this feature is no longer needed, disengage the VTM-4r LOCK.

To Disengage the VTM-4r LOCK

The VTM-4r LOCK temporarily disengages when the vehicle speed exceeds 18 mph (30 km/h). The indicator in the button remains on.

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