Tire and Wheel Replacement

Honda Pilot / Honda Pilot 2009-2024 Owner's Manual / Maintenance / Checking and Maintaining Tires / Tire and Wheel Replacement

Replace your tires with radials of the same size, load range, speed rating, and maximum cold tire pressure rating (as shown on the tire’s sidewall). Using tires of a different size or construction can cause the ABS, VSA® (vehicle stability assist), hill start assist, and the VTM-4r system to work incorrectly. It is best to replace all four tires at the same time. If that isn’t possible, replace the front or rear tires in pairs. Make sure that the wheel’s specifications match those of the original wheels. If you replace a wheel, only use TPMS specified wheels approved for your vehicle.

Tire and Wheel Replacement


Installing improper tires on your vehicle can affect handling and stability. This can cause a crash in which you can be seriously hurt or killed. Always use the size and type of tires recommended in this owner’s manual.

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