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Your audio system supports audio CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs in either MP3, WMA, or AAC*1 format. With the CD loaded, select the CD mode.



Do not use CDs with adhesive labels. The label can cause the CD to jam in the unit.

WMA files protected by digital rights management (DRM) cannot be played.

The audio system displays Unplayable File, then skips to the next file.

Text data appears on the display under the following circumstances:

• When you select a new folder, file, or track.
• When you change the audio mode to CD.
• When you insert a CD.

If you eject the CD but do not remove it from the slot, the system reloads the CD automatically after several seconds.

■How to Select a File from the Music Search List (MP3/WMA/AAC)

1. Press . Rotate

1. Press to select Music. Rotate Search, then press .to select Music Search, then press 2. Rotate to select a folder..
2. Rotate 3. Press  to change the display to ato select a folder.
3. Press list of to change the display to a list of files in that folder.
4. Rotate press .to select a file, then press ■How to Select a Play Mode.

■How to Select a Play Mode

You can select scan, repeat, and random modes when playing a track or file.

MENU/SEL (Selector) Knob

MENU/SEL (Selector) Knob
1. PressAudio menu  to switch to the Audio menu screen.
2. Rotate Random/ to select Scan or Random/ Repeat, then press 3. Rotate  to select a mode, then .
3. Rotate press  . to select a mode, then press .

1. Select More.

1. Select More.
2. Select Scan or Random/Repeat.
3. Select a mode.

■ To turn off a play mode

MENU/SEL (Selector) Knob
1. Press menu switch to the Audio menu screen.
2. Rotate want to turn off, then press . to select the mode you want to turn off, then press Audio with Touch Screen.

Audio with Touch Screen
1. Select More.
2. Select the mode you want to turn off.

Play Mode Menu Items

Scan Folders (MP3/WMA/AAC): Provides 10-second sampling of the first file in each of the main folders.
Scan Tracks: Provides 10-second sampling of all tracks on the CD (all files in the current folder in MP3, WMA, or AAC).

Repeat Folder (MP3/WMA/AAC): Repeats all files in the current folder.
Repeat Track: Repeats the current track/file.
Random in Folder (MP3/WMA/AAC): Plays all files in the current folder in random order.
Random All Tracks: Plays all tracks/files in random order.

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