Brightness Control

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When the ignition switch is in ON

When the ignition switch is in ON , you can use the brightness control knob to adjust instrument panel brightness. , you can use the brightness control knob to adjust instrument panel brightness.

Brighten: Turn the knob to the right.

Dim: Turn the knob to the left.

You will hear a beep when the brightness reaches minimum or maximum. The information display/multi-information display will return to its original state several seconds after you adjust the brightness.

Brightness level indicator

The brightness level is shown on the information display/multi-information display while you are adjusting it.

Brightness Control

Brightness Control

Instrument panel brightness varies, depending on whether the exterior lights are on or off. The instrument panel dims to reduce glare when they are on.

Pressing the knob or the   /  (Select/Reset) knob or the (information) button  switches  / the display. (information) button  switches the display.

If you turn the knob to the right until the brightness display is up to max, the beeper sounds. This cancels the reduced instrument panel brightness when the exterior lights are on.

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