If the Low Oil Pressure Indicator Comes On

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Reasons for the indicator to come on

Reasons for the indicator to come on

Comes on when the engine oil pressure is low.

What to do as soon as the indicator comes on

1. Immediately park the vehicle on level ground in a safe place.

2. If necessary, turn the hazard warning lights on.

What to do after parking the vehicle

1. Stop the engine and let it sit for about three minutes.

2. Open the hood and check the oil level.

3. Start the engine and check the low oil pressure indicator.

 - The light goes out: Start driving again.

 - The light does not go out within 10 seconds: Stop the engine and contact a dealer for repairs immediately.

If the Low Oil Pressure Indicator Comes On


Running the engine with low oil pressure can cause serious mechanical damage almost immediately.

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