Honda Crosstour / Honda Crosstour 2010-2023 Owner's Manual / Driving

This chapter discusses driving, refueling, and information on items such as accessories.

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Audio Remote Controls
Allows you to operate the audio system while driving. MODE Button Cycles through the audio modes as follows: VOL Button Press  : Increases the volume. Press : Decreases the volume. ...

Heating and Cooling System*/Climate Control System* Maintenance
Dust and Pollen Filter The heating and cooling system*/climate control system* is equipped with a dust and pollen filter that collects pollen, dust, and other debris in the air. The Maintenance M ...

Checking Tires
To safely operate your vehicle, your tires must be of the proper type and size, in good condition with adequate tread, and properly inflated. Inflation guidelines Properly inflated tires provide th ...