Honda Crosstour / Honda Crosstour 2010-2023 Owner's Manual / Information

This chapter includes your vehicle’s specifications, locations of identification numbers, and other information required by regulation.

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Audio Remote Controls
● + / - Button Press and release to adjust the volume up/ down. ● SOURCE Button Press and release to change the audio mode: FM/AM/CD/XM®*/HDD*/USB/iPod®/ Bluetooth/Pandora®*/A ...

Fog Lights
When the low beam headlights are on, turn the fog light switch on to use the fog lights. When the fog lights are on, the indicator in the instrument panel will be on. They go off when the head ...

Replacing Light Bulbs
When replacing, use the following bulbs. High beam headlight: 60W (HB3 for halogen bulb type) Low beam headlight: 55W (H11 for halogen bulb type) NOTICE Halogen bulbs get very hot when lit. Oil ...